Anmeldelse af grafikkort: ASUS EN7800GT Top Silent

X-bit labs har lavet en grundig test af det Pt. hurtigste grafikkort med passiv køling. Det er Nvidias 7800 GT chip, som det er lykkedes Asus at køle fuldstændig lydløst ved hjælp at en stor og bevægelige køleprofil.

Fra X-bit labs:

ASUS EN7800GT Top Silent is one of the most powerful solutions among the quiet graphics accelerators today (or you can call it the quietest of the most powerful). It should be of interest mostly for those user’s who do not built system’s for the future but rather enjoy them today. With the performance level between the recently announced GeForce 7900 GT and the classical GeForce 7800 GT, ASUS EN7800GT Top Silent will ensure that you enjoy all the latest games.

Maybe ASUS EN7800GT Top Silent is not the performance leader today, but it still offers very decent performance level in most games. Those who need more fps may build an SLI system with a pair of graphics cards like that. In this case the performance will reach up to the level of Nvidia’s flagship solutions such as GeForce 7900 GTX or even Radeon X1900 XTX.

ASUS once again offered us a high-quality product and a very interesting solution. Their EN7800GT Top Silent offers us great speed and absolutely noiseless operation.


* High performance
* Noiseless operation
* Relatively low power consumption
* HDTV and VIVO support
* Rich software and accessories bundle


* The cooling system may conflict with some processor coolers during installation

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